VTT Map Tokens

Hi everyone!

Is anybody sitting on some cool map tokens for use with Band of Blades?

Thanks in advance

Have you seen the roll20 ones from the publisher? https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/bundle/7409/band-of-blades-skydagger-keep-campaign-bundle

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I did!
And i bought!

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I’m mostly just using tokenstamp to make tokens out of art from Magic cards–Innistrad has a lot of zombies that fit into the blighter’s aesthetic.

But at Fort Calisco, I did a map of the siege and wanted tokens for Render’s army that had a more cardboard chit hex map wargame feel, so I whipped up some stuff on game-icons.net. Here are some samples:

(Black Oak Pikemen, Gaunt Forge Team, Black Oak Pistoleers)

Full set here.


Whipping up some stuff from here and there!

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