Wands in the Dark (a BitD Hack)

I want to write WANDS IN THE DARK, a hack of Blades in the Dark; about a group of mages and witches building a coven on the haunted streets of high magic fantasy city. There is daemon binding, werewolf chases, blinding wand fights, lies, surprises, and death.

There are a bunch of great ideas floating around in these forums, and I thought it would be good to share with the group for your feedback!

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Heh, this was the name I gave to a “Wizarding World” micro-hack I threw together for my wife and her friends. Which I realize is zero help to you but… great minds, I guess, huh?

Anyway, to the point, seems like a campaign with this theme could very nearIy already be played with vanilla Blades, no? Just need to develop the magic system of the Shattered Lands a little more maybe, in advance? But seems like you probably want more “traditional” magic for yours and, well, wands?

Given the above, I think your first step is to decide what your Scoundrel types are, yea?

So, what makes your different types of Mages different? You going with a D&D-like Schools approach? Where each Scoundrel type is basically a Specialist caster? Evoker? Summoner? Enchantress? Illusionist? Necromancer? So on…?

Start by basing their Abilities off of already extant Abilities from already extant Scoundrels, and you’re off to the races, yea?