War at Large

Long story short: the Crew has scored a major smash & grab heist against the Nobility of Doskvol. It was a ball sponsored by Lord Strangford and everyone who was everyone was there, at least everyone who was important in this campain: Leviathan hunters, Brightstone Nobility, Bluecoats, etc. And it went rather well. They got away with 14, yes, 14 COIN! This was their most Ambitious heist ever, appropriate since they have a reputation as Ambitious.

Anyway, they are already at war with the Bluecoats, they have Wanted Level 3, etc, etc.

On page 45, “Your crew can lose hold, too, following the same rules above. If your crew is
Tier 0, with weak hold, and you lose hold for any reason, your lair comes under
threat by your enemies or by a faction seeking to profit from your misfortune.”

This seems to imply that the lais is only under threat if Tier 0 (which they are not). However, at this point, going by the Fiction-First rule, the Bluecoats would launch a major assault against them to obliterate them once and for all. I’m not even taking into account other Factions who were hurt by this Heist.

I’m trying to picture a scenario where the Bluecoats wouldn’t attack the lair, but it’s the only option I see for this Faction given all that happened prior to this. And the Lair is not even Hidden. Everyone knows where the Doskvol Ferrets are.


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I read the rule you cite as saying if A (the crew is tier 0 with weak hold and they lose hold) then B (their lair comes under attack), but nothing about B never coming to pass under other circumstances. B might come to pass because the Bluecoats friggin hate those ferrets, and it’s time to show them who’s really in charge around here.

That’s a long winded way of saying just following the fiction. That rule is a bit obscure anyway, and I don’t think ever intended to get in the way of a cool war with the cops scene.


Yeah, I read the rule as being “If you have absolutely no status and are at war, your enemies will come at the only thing you own, which is your lair,” not “Your enemies only come at your lair if you have no status.”