Werewolves in BoB

I could not help but noticing that the illustrations of Bob feature in several occasions a rookie or soldier with pointy ears and a quite a bit of facial hair. I was wondering if, maybe, the original concept of BoB included the presence of werewolves and the illustrations were commissioned before that was definitely dropped? Don’t know, just wondering… maybe somebody in the community can shed some light about it.

Those are Panyar showing their mark of the animal. Definitely still room for werewolves in BoB though! Last session my players tussled with a human whose curse transformed into an insatiable inhuman beast each sunset.

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All Panyar are Marked by the Horned One, that’s why you see fuzzy and animalistic soldiers. In addition to that, the Broken witch Breaker has an Elite unit called Transformed which are humans who have been hexed and warped into animalistic beings, including some pictures that look like werewolves.


Well, that solves the mistery. Thanks!

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