What are your favorite unique mechanics in FitD hacks

Here are two I like in particular. They change BitD in a way that works well with their unique settings.

Crimson Blossoms:
Only three attributes, no action ratings. Uses narrative traits, like Fate Aspects, which can “blossom” and “wither” to add +1d.

Band of Blades:
Having different rewards/penalties depending on the type of mission (assault vs recon, etc).


CrashCart: How the deck of cards is used and also the patient sheets. The patient sheets especially are great at concisely delivering both world building and complications.

Antiquarian Adventures: All the special abilities, especially how characters have to flee, bungle something, etc. to get composure back.

Flesh and Metal: Harm affecting different parts of the body.

Moth-Light: Doubt and how it can build up after each session and create conflicts that feel natural.


Those are great. I was looking at CrashCart. Looks really unique.

I really like the Resist mechanic from Wicked ones.
You roll an Action which cannot have weak effect.
Failure: You spend 3 stress to partially resist the consequence.
Mixed: You spend 2 stress to partially resist the consequence.
Success: You spend 1 stress to fully resist the consequence.
Critical: You clear 1 stress and fully resist the consequence.

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