What is undead in Breaker's army?

Hey all!

I’m running my first campaign of Band of Blades and it’s turning out to be about the best rpg I’ve played yet! But I’m a little unsure on exactly which of Breaker’s forces are undead and which aren’t.

For Blighter and Render, it’s pretty clear that all of their forces are undead besides the Black Oak Knights, but Breaker seems less like she kills and resurrects things and more like she just mind controls them. Can anyone lend some insight on which of her units are actually undead, besides Burned?

I love the fluff in either direction, I just want to know if Black Shot is even worth taking when encountering her forces.

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For us, Hexed and Transformed were not undead, the rest were.

But I think it could be discussed… Devoured and Witches could be only corrupted, not undead.

So I guess, not a very useful answer…

But as a GM, you could:

  • decide who is undead or not (it’s your world, your lore),
  • or even better, discuss it with the players, if they are the kind of players who would appreciate discussing such things.
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Having thought about it, I think I like them all, besides Burned, being alive but corrupted. I think it makes more sense fictionally, and one of the reasons my players chose Breaker was for the moral dilemma of things like Witches apologizing while trying to kill them. Plus I think having the Quartermaster develop some kind of “cursebreaker” ammo so that Black Shot works against her forces is a very cool concept.