What rolls over?

I know heat rolls over, but what about character & crew xp? Or crew rep? If you have extra when the track fills, does that get applied from 0 again, or is the excess just lost?

Interesting question. I had to re-read the rules because the way we run it, Character/Crew XP and Reputation rolls over.

  • Character and Crew XP - it says that “when you fill the XP track, clear all of the marks and take an advance”. The way we’ve interpreted that is that you place XP to exactly fill the XP track (because you can normally choose where you place your XP, except for Desperate actions) and then it is cleared and you start the next session on zero XP in that track. But I think we would probably rollover if it was required.
  • Reputation - the way that it’s worded suggests to me that filling the track (or going over) results in the track to be reset because the language used is “Reset your REP to zero”. Also, it says that “as long as your REP tracker is full, you can’t earn new REP (12 is the maximum)” which suggests to me that any REP over the maximum is wasted. You reset to zero.

Hope this helps,


That does help, thanks!