What Will Your Next Character Be?

I want to flesh out my new character idea and I’m interested to hear what character Ideas people have for their next game of Blades or any other rpg.

For my next Blades game I want to play A hired assassin who is very open about their profession to everyone they meet including in places and to people where they probably shoudln’t be. I want to play an assassin who hands out business cards that actually say assassin on them.


I got two potential characters with two levels of development:

  1. Hobo who came to town with an ornate silver medieval battleaxe hidden in a cello case

  2. Tycherosi bastard who’s big mouth accidentally got his noble friend killed in a bar fight. he’s been on the run from the friend’s sister ever since, and it turns out he’s really good at running. Also he may be haunted by his friend’s ghost.


Have you played the cheapass game Before I Kill You, Mister Bond? :slight_smile:

I’m currently playing a Hound with a pair of ravens, an unhealthy interest in weird stuff (developing into a mild obsession with forgotten gods), and a blasé attitude about killing. He’s Akorosi but was born & raised in Tycheros (his parents were ambassadors there, until being suddenly & mysteriously recalled to Doskvol).

I recently tore through The Unusual Suspects submissions and really enjoyed a few of those playbooks. The Animus, Goatherder, and Mischief are favorites. I like my pets! The Drowner, Rakehell, and Skeleton also have their dark appeal…