While playing a different character


Im relatively new here. Only played 4 sessions now. Im curious, neither i nor my gm can find the rules for exactly what benefits/ actions your primary character gains while you play af a different character.

Is it just a single downtime action?

Thanks very much

I don’t think there is a real mechanical advantage expect if you send the previous character to Incarceration (if the scoundrel overindulge and disappeared nothing should happen) If you switch a scounderel because your original does something else outside the story for enough time, I take for granted they cleared all stress and harms if they didn’t perform something risky or stressful (so theoratically they “used” Recover and Indulge your Vice). Furthermore, if it reasonable, I just let the scoundrel complete the project they disappeared for.

There’s not a whole lot codified, but there are some things:

  • If you’re playing a different character because one of your characters is in prison, then they’re just in prison. You’ll make an Incarceration Roll for them to see how it all went and they sensibly return in whatever shape they were in once admitted to Ironhook.
  • If you’re playing a different character because they got Lost from Overindulgence, then they’re just out on a bender for some time. That’s basically it. When they come back, they’re usually free of stress and harm

So when a Players wants to play a different character just “because,” I just follow the “Lost in Vice” rules. The character is just out and about doing whatever. No Downtimes, nothing- just out on a Bender. This is a good way to get a character “patched up” without needing to spend Downtime Actions, Coin, Rep, etc. on Recovery and the like

On rare occasions, there may be times where a player might “play” 2 (or more!) characters in a Session- only 1 is really allowed to be in the Score and “benefit” from payoff: 2 Free Downtime Actions, Coin, etc. It’s up to table taste if all characters played get End of Session XP, or just those predominantly used in the session. Either way, any PCs associated with the Crew, even if not seen on screen or in a Job, gets the Stash= Tier+2 every time the Crew gets enough XP to advance. They still benefit from the Crew’s overall advancement profits, IMO.

That’s how I do things/ have seen them done

When you say this is a good way to patch up your character, it seems like you’re implying that they get their harms cleared, is that what you’re trying to say? Im confused because you simultaneously say theirs no benefit, and that this is a good way to get patched up, a clear benefit. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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“No benefit” for doing specific Downtime Actions and the like. The only “benefit” of getting Lost is Stress and Harm recovery (which is a benefit… but you won’t be doing any Long Term Projects, directly earning Coin from Score rewards, etc.)