Who has done the Tantari Banner special mission?

My PCs want to do this, and I’m momentarily out of ideas. Has anyone run or played this mission? (Or, failing that, does anyone have any ideas on how to? I’m really blocking here.)

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It’s actually up next for us too!
MY take on it is that it has been kept up to standard (pun intended) by an abbey of nuns. Old cloth don’t stay fresh.
Blighter’s forces will show up this time.
I’m thinking the banner is this Banner Saga style loooong as flag with the heroic deeds and names of the fallen embroidered.
Maybe the abbey has fallen into ruin the past century idk yet but that’s what I’m thinking.

Played it!

Our GM did it as catacombs under Calisco, we had a rough start point and went from there, exploring and navigating fallen bits, avoiding some Rotters that had found their way in basically by accident trying to get through a breach in the walls I think?

We had a clock for “Find the Banner” and filled it up by looking at inscriptions, physically searching areas, etc.

The actual tomb turned out to be patrolled by Old Empire automatons with heavy armour and at least one flamethrower, thankfully a Rookie had the idea to point out we were Legion and avoid getting roasted (then someone slipped away to steal the flag and we ran for it)

We also had fun with the trio of veterans they introduced to lead the mission - it’s a good opportunity to have a couple of memorable NPCs.

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Because it’s a dig site to locate a fallen Legion relic, then the Legion will surely face undead armed with Legion weapons and wearing Legion armor recovered from the dig! Facing off against Rotters or Burned wearing faded and tattered remnants of official Legion uniforms would be creepy, and if Breaker is in play, her illusions causing them to look bright and shiny-new could make it hard to tell who is friend or foe in the fog of war!