Wicked Ones is up on Kickstarter! Build a dungeon, slay adventurers, be a monster

Hey everyone, I just put my FitD game Wicked Ones up on Kickstarter. You play a bunch of fantasy monsters who hoard gold and build a dungeon to keep adventurers away. You go on raids in the overworld, interact with other monstrous factions, and gain notoriety which ultimately culminates in adventurers kicking in your dungeon door and it’s an all-out battle for survival… and if you make it through, you do it again!

Anyway, I’d really appreciate anyone helping spread the word. Just a quick tweet about it to get it in front of a larger audience would be a huge help. You can check it out here:


This looks great! Tweeted. :slight_smile:


Hey, that’s awesome! Thanks a lot, John. I imagine that was a big part of the reason we had such a good first day. :smiley:

Looks very interesting -> backed

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Dungeon Keeper meets BitD? Def gonna back this! :smiley:


Look very nice.
The same game feeling of No Country For Old Kobolds.
I will support your game.
But, I’m going to use only the pdf (shipping cost for Europe are execive) and I think the price is little to much, 35 euro for a book , cards and a map.


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That’s fair. I based the price for the deck around the fact that it’s 72 cards. For the most part, I see 30-card decks running between $10-15… I thought about splitting the deck into two, but I’d rather bundle it and have a 72 card tarot tuckbox (from Drivethru).

The cards are very costly to produce, as each has a unique art piece on it, so I wanted to make sure that the cost of making them was covered as well. The art on the Kickstarter is really just placeholder (I mention as such I think) - the real cards will have art similar to what’s in the book.

Just wanted to post and let you know where I was coming from in terms of pricing there, but I do really appreciate the support and honest feedback!

No Country was a big influence as well as Goblin Quest and Saga of the Goblin Horde. I’m still kind of shocked that I hadn’t see a “dungeon builder” type game already made.

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you just convinced me.
Each card with different drawings, I miss that.

I just baked.

Good luck with the project.

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Just an update for everyone: Wicked Ones is almost 180% funded on Kickstarter!

Now is a great time to jump on board and get even more content as WO smashes through stretch goals! Most recently unlocked is the Gold Monger special playbook, this is essentially a playbook which allows you to create and upgrade a Dragon or Wrymling.

For fans of the War for the Overworld video game, WO has partnered with Brightrock Games to bring some of their content over into the TTRPG realm. Pretty cool to see cross collaboration like this!


That’s so cool! Congrats on the collaboration.


Thanks, pretty excited to get to work on it! The people at Brightrock Games have been super helpful, too.

Wicked Ones is in its final 72 hours. We’re fully funded and busted through a bunch of stretch goals, with a few more ambitious ones ahead that we’re hoping people can jump in and help make happen. We’ll be having a closed playtest with backers starting about 2 weeks from now.


Also feel free to join us on Discord where we have a nice new community forming.