Wicked Ones - Playtest and Feedback

Hey everyone, I just completed a major re-write and overhaul of Wicked Ones, my FitD game where you play fantasy monsters building a dungeon together. This version was a huge step towards a more final version and is quite stable, unlikely to be changed for a few months. This means it’s a great time to pick up for playtesting if you’re interested - I could definitely use the help!

You can find the entire Core Rules (about 140 pages), 9 Callings (playbooks), 5 Dungeon Themes (kind of like crew…), a sandbox map and faction tracker here:
http://playtest.b-design.io/ (this sends you to a Google Drive folder)

The Core Rules have a PDF for easy viewing, but also a Google Doc with comments enabled. I’d be really happy to hear of what people think of the game! You can leave comments there, post here, or drop by our Discord: https://discord.gg/JcuExnC

I am also looking for some well-informed peer review of this version. I would be very happy if some other FitD designers could give my game a read-through and offer comments on a separate Google Doc of the game, then maybe talk through their criticism/critiques with me. To show my appreciation, I’d be happy to provide a credit in the final book as well as buying a small thank-you gift (let’s say $30-ish) on DTRPG/Amazon/Wherever. (this request was approved by the server mods prior to posting) Please drop me a line if you’re interested!