Will Stretch Goals for Agon be made available for Sale?

Hi all,

Unfortunately I had missed the kickstarter :frowning:

Will Stretch goals be made available for sale eventually ? I would hate it if there was no way for non-backers (like me) not to have the opportunity to acquire them.

We’re making them available to everyone who buys the game. The PDF package will be updated on itch and other places it’s sold, to include the stretch goal islands.

Will be done as part of the official release date tomorrow, October 5th.


That’s fantasic news indeed, I guess in my case, these will show up in the Bricks and Mortar site, since i pre-ordered the book from Leisure Games in the UK.

Thanks John for the reply, I am pretty excited to run this game, as soon as I have an opportunity.

I have purchased the physical book and got the digital goods from Backerkit. Is this place also going to be updated in case of updates or I have to buy again from somewhere else?

The versions I currently have are the latest I presume 04292020, with the BMs added to the file.

Backerkit is updated with all the current files, including the additional islands.

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