WIP Chamber Supplement: The Wheel

This is a supplement for the Agon playset Chamber, inspired by the excellent horror podcast “The Magnus Archives”. This is mostly brainstorming for an upcoming AGON jam I’d like to hold.

I need some help coming up with a 5th Aspect pair for this supernatural Pantheon! Ideas are appreciated.

Chamber research has identified at least 10 distinct forces/entities/wills/? emanating from the Signal, paired into 5 contrasting Aspect spectrums. These forces are responsible for 10% of known SRMs. The exact nature of these forces is unknown, though they do appear to map to currents/patterns/resonances in Chamber’s mapping of human collective unconscious/zeitgeist/culture.

These forces share commonalities that require special attention above standard SRMs.

  • Each appears to be moving toward some goal/culmination/apotheosis/crux. These must not occur.
  • Each seems intent on manifesting their own aspect into the world through means, sometimes conflicting with each other, sometimes in cooperation.
  • Each has attracted a following/cult/club to further the aspect. Members of the following may be imbued/filled/guzzled with signal resonant abilities/technology/insight relating to the aspect they serve. Agents of Chamber are expressly forbidden from enlisting/embracing into these organizations without special assignment.
  • Each aspect seems capable of generating new SRMs and signal resonant entities/fauna/horrors/angels.
  • Research suspects a channel/plane/dimension/pocket that these forces have access to where they may be most powerful/vulnerable/tangible. Investigation requested.

Outstanding queries:

  • What is the relationship of these aspects to the Signal? Are they a byproduct or free agents?
  • What is their objective?
  • How are their followings organized?

Aspect Pairs

Nesting Doll Pair

Microscope Aspect - Interior/meaning/secret/symbol/components/specificity

Window Aspect - exterior/context/scale/whole/generality

Railroad pair

Latch Aspect - Point/beginning/end/./finite/contain

Horizon Aspect - continuity/infinity/journey/extension/line/expansion

Canvas pair

Plaster Aspect - Likeness/static/coherence/immutability/order/plan

Dice Aspect - contrast/change/chaos/fluidity/chance/

Mechanism pair

Jack-in-the-Box Aspect - Forward/progress/future/expectation/fear/excitement

Winch Aspect - Reverse/degradation/past/regret/nostalgia


Research suspects the presence of a singular non-pair Aspect. Nothing is known about this aspect; investigation requested.



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I plan to include a printable sheet to keep track of the progress of these Aspects, their relationship to the players (like the vault of heaven in Agon), and some instruction for mid Investigation and between investigation steps / tips for integrating these into your Chamber campaign.

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This is cool!