[WIP] Micro Blades - Minimalistic FitD on Biz Cards Size

Strap on your blades, undust your mantle, pack the book of lore! Darkness is calling you inside the maze of your nightmares. Blood runs deep in the ashen deadlands in the season of the Beasts. Fight, loot & defy death!

In this micro version of Blades in the Dark , the players are pitched against an overwhelming Darkness. The Lords of the Palid Sun have risen and with them, the legions of the dim Carcosa . Can you and your rag tag band of Sellswords venture into the eldritch realms and defy death itself?

Finished items in Bold .

Full released planned for 30+ Cards

  • Rules Card + Settlement Downtime Card
  • Classless Sheet
  • 8 Playbook Cards
  • 4 Wilderness Crawl Cards: Deadlands, Ashenlands, Shadowlands, Bonelands
  • 8 Bestiary Cards
  • 4 Lords of the Palid Sun Cards
  • 4 Location Cards


This looks fantastic! I love the idea of the super small format

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Thanks, you can download it here: https://vandelarden.itch.io/micro-blades

New Character classes:


Hi there, the first set of 8 Fantasy Characters are done. Now comes a Call of Cthulhu set, obviously named: Investigators.