[WIP] Midnight Empire: Bleeding Shadows

Hi there, I am Vandel and most know me from doing maps (in Blades in the Dark & Band of Blades)

Some time ago on G+ (rest in peace) I posted about my Playset & Playbooks of Midnight Empire: City of Bones, which found some decent interest. It is an exploding blend of World of Darkness, Supernatura-themed TV Shows, Rock, Metal, Southern Gothic, True Detective & an oversaturated tongue-in-cheek edgyness.

In the next play installment, I regulary test out little hacks with my open table group, its going down the southern desert roads into a no man’s land of dusty motels, ghost towns, weirdly well stocked gas stations, mines full of voidstone remnants, Super Mutant enclaves, rag-tag deputy sheriffs and bitchy citizens.

Midnight Empire is my playfield for all sorts of X Files weirdness, conspiracy theories and modern horror settings.

Bleeding Shadows, is a bloody & explosive road movie, like a collaboration of Tarantino(Pulp Fiction/Kill Bill), Tom Tykwer (Cloud Atlas / Babylon Berlin) & Park Chan-wook (Oldboy/Stoker/The Handmaiden) & Hellboy

Music: The Sword - High Country & Low Country, Ladytron, Lyra Lynn’s True Detetcive Songs & Transistor Album.


The Agents - Goverment run shady underfinanced paranormal ressearch & investigantion agency.

The Spooks - Corporate spies & enforcers, seeking out the paranormal for profit and exploitation.

The Division - Organisation of violent protectors, hunting down those who feeds on the innocent.

The Seekers - Ancient order of Sages, myth busters, fortune hunters and scholars of the Angelicarum.

Enforcer (Modern Warriors)
Jaeger (hunters & desperados)
Lancer (armored drivers/ heavy hitters)
Funker (Technomagus / Medium)
Operator (Socialite/field commander)
Wright (crafter/Artisan of artefacts)
Acolyth (Angelbound sages/ mystics)


I am updating one of my old character sheet files and after it looks fine, set up the playbooks. I never really liked to put notes on the sheet, so I used the free space to implement a short rules section.


Just finished the updated BitD sheet, and soon to be used for other hacks.