Wish-List: BitD Organized Play

That’s all. I wish Blades had an organized play, like D&D 5e and Pathfinder 2e!

Can you please clarify? I do not understand your question.

Are you looking for examples of actual play online (podcasts or video?)
Are you in need of transcripts of game sessions?
Are you searching for people to play with?
Something else?

Based on the use of D&D 5e and Pathfinder as examples I suppose that HomeRun asks for something in the sesne of Adventure League and Paizo’s Organized Play - a seires of games organized and prepared by the company that owns the TTRPG.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it is possible for indie developers and companies. It requires financial means to be done on a large enough scale and somewhat goes against Evil Hat and Harper’s buisness model - focusing on creating a series of experimental stand-alone products rather than constantly expanding and marketing one as WotC and Paizo do.


An organized play is something like an official system of interweaved campaigns that are set in a same story arch. When that campaign is fineshed on schedulle, the admins grab the results from the different groups and make a pool of results - like matching and differing them, comparing how those are close or different and, sometimes, making the most likeable (community decided) cannon in the overall campaign (wich gives context for the next archs/seasons). Imagine like, twenty groups that are set in a same starting situation, maybe with the same crew type, same character types…
But I find it particularly difficult to happen in Blades given the modularity of the system. Maybe in a one-shot aproach, where people have their character sheets and they can join one-shots like their character is being hired for different score

And I agree with you.

You could do it without Evil Hat or Mr. Harper. Maybe try it out in the forums here. See if you have people who want to participate. Work out with each other how you want things to go. Some basic principles and a means to resolve disagreements. Then play and collaborate. If it grows maybe something official will take off from the foundation you made.

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The closest thing to what you’re describing that I saw being accomplished is Stream of Blood’s Blood & Blades, an actual play that included three crews acting simultaneously (in narrative, not in actual game time) in the same version of Duskwall. Followers could also submit Faction Clocks that the stream rolled for once a month to simulate the sandbox. The crews never met, but their actions did influence the other crews sometimes.