Wishlist for Blades Roll20 Sheet

Is anyone up for upgrading the Blades Roll20 sheet? @deceptive.duality?

For an upcoming project, it would be very handy for a player to be able to edit the names of the attributes and actions on their specific sheet (rather than modifying all the sheets), so different characters could have different actions and attributes.


This would be a most welcome addition, especially for folks hacking the game. Would make it so much easier to test games online.


The existing sheet is really good, but I’d like also to be able to edit the number of stress boxes, and xp boxes too.

(I think you can add more stress boxes, not sure if you can change it to any number).

and I think the crew advancement xp requirement on the current sheet is wrong? It should be 8, but is 10.


Editing action and attribute names is possible. It needs yet another global toggle and the interface is a bit awkward to design, but I can see if I can find time for it.

@kris: Editing the number of stress and xp boxes dynamically (to any number) is very hard to impossible to accomplish due to limitations in the API. Basically, any option on the sheet has to be hardcoded in. Btw, the number of crew XP boxes is correct, look at the 8.2 sheets pdf :slightly_smiling_face:.


@deceptive.duality ooooh 8.2 sheets! That’s cheatin’!

Just want to they that those sheets are … AWESOME! A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
Still finding useful functions in every game and I thought I know them pretty well because I created my own for my hack. Keep up the good work, @deceptive.duality and thanks a lot for the helping hand.


I made a version with customizable action/attribute names! t’s should work as-is, but I’m thinking about expanding the custom names to other titles. I have sent a PR to the Roll20 repository for next week.


That’s great news! Thank you, Jakob!

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Hell yeah! Thank you!