World anvil, has anybody used it to organise images etc

Has anyone used world anvil to keep everything in order. I’m tuning a game for family. A few need visual cues and I’ve found it very difficult to do this in a way that doesn’t interfere with the game mood. World anvil seems a great way to do this. I’m messing round with it currently.

I’m a bit fan of WorldAnvil for world building, but I’m just now using their tools to run a game. I like the not taking ability and the world primer stuff. But I’m very new to it and not sure how to make it all work seamlessly. First real session is Monday night, so I’ll let you know after that.

Cool, I’ve done some basic sheets for world anvil, their sheet system is quite static, but for my needs it’s great, I’ll link you the view but they’re available in the community templates

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Thank you @Lucy_Oughton I have been needing sheets to run my next campaign! I use WorldAnvil for articles, RP, NPCs, etc and it works wonderfully for me! This will be the first time running a game in it so I’m not quite sure how that’s gonna go but I’m sure it will be just as good to use.

I’m doing the track able playbooks next and the crew sheet are up. I’m not savy enough to put them as seperate sheets but you can fill them in

@Mistletoe_kiss you now have three general completed sheets, except the twig formulas thats slightly beyond me at the mo, never done anything like this before! Playbook, you need to input the special abilities from the edit button as you gain them. Crewsheet again you need to add the claims etc A companion, pet or npc sheet to inbed in articles etc

Enjoy and any feedback is welcome, but the anvil sheets are designed to be static no java script.

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You are amazing! Thank you!

Your very welcome, they even have twig adding up the attributes for insight, Prowess and Resolve, also lifestyle and wanted lvl, thanks to some help from the devs. I have taken tracking from the crew sheet for security reasons as I presume its going to be in bedded in a article.
Any feedback is welcome. Enjoy

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They look amazing! Not as fine polished as Roll20 but you know, everything for my campaign is now in one spot and that was still a fast clock :wink:

Thank you again so much!