World of Blades 1.2

Hi everybody,
I haven’t been involved in the Blades in the Dark community since the G+ days, but I trust it’s still going strong and full of awesome people.

I published a new version of World of Blades!

This is a crossover hack between World of Dungeons and Blades in the Dark with the goal of simplifying and helping introduce Blades in the Dark to new players. The game assumes the GM will have some ammount of familiarity with BitD, and as a way for players to play the origin stories of their scoundrels before they form a crew: by the time a WoB scoundrel is fully leveled up, they compare and can be easily updated into a Blades in the Dark character.

Some of you might’ve come across a link for this hack I kinda scrapped together and published way back when. For those of you who read that version, the main changes are:

  • A shorter experience tracker, which will lead the characters to level up way faster.
  • The level benefits make sense now. Old version was lost in copypasying into the layout, this is the actual level benefits as originally intended.
  • I gave it a text revision and edit.
  • Added some information I thought could be useful for running the game.

Originally I created this game as a tongue-in-cheek reversal on World of Dungeons after hearing John talk about how BitD was influenced by that previous game. I also found myself having troubles introducing new players to Blades when I was running in gaming clubs, so this worked as my version of a streamlined and simplified version of the system. I updated the game because I got some messages from people who were playing it and I knew there were some issues with the design. Also I hadn’t even put my name on it!

Hope y’all enjoy it. If you do give it a review on the itchIO page and defenitelly tell me about your game! And please let me know if you catch any mistakes or any feedback you may have.

See ya!


I’ve been looking for a slimmed down version of BitD for a one-shot I’ll be hosting soon and this edition looks perfect! Thank you for hacking this together, it looks really good. I do have two things I wanted to comment on.

I also see that you mention ‘long-term project clocks’ in the Downtime section but there’s no real mention of them otherwise.

Is ‘heavy’ armor something that allows you to avoid two levels of harm before breaking?

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Thank you!

I assume that the person running this game is familiar with Blades in the Dark, so there are a couple of things that I mention but don’t elaborate on, trusting the GM would refer to the original game.

  • Project clocks work like in BitD, although to simplify it you only mark one segment per Downtime action.
  • I should’ve put a + between armor and heavy armor. But you got it right, if you wanted to avoid 1-harm you would mark “heavy armor” first, and the character would still have “armor”. If you wanted to avoid 2-harm, you would mark both “heavy” and regular armor.

Like World of Dungeons, I tried to distill BitD it to a base system to build upon, either leading your group to play Blades in the Dark or for you to hack, so your guess is as good as mine! :sweat_smile: