Xenos - Recreating Dragon Ball Races

I’m playing a Muscle in an upcoming campaign, and I want to play a Xeno, specifically a drastically-powered down Saiyan or Namekian from Dragon Ball Z. However, with only one example race in the book, I’m having a hard time coming up with abilities. Has anyone come up with any Xenos that might be similar that I can borrow from to create these races?

Saiyans are pretty much just humans with more ki, right? I’d probably skip the xeno ability and just take the Mystic playbook.
For a Namekian, I’d definitely say “turn a level 3 harm into a level 2 by regenerating” would be a cool 2 stress option. And then elongating limbs could be the 1 stress. And then for 0 stress, apparently they have super hearing? Go with whatever you find most interesting.