XMind map of the "War In Crow's Foot"

Someone asked elsewhere about good relationship mapping tools for Blades in the Dark factions. I’ve only tried a handful, but found XMind easy to learn and use compared to some alternatives.

Below is a mind map I created a couple years back for the initial faction relationships to both the Red Sashes and the Lampblack crews:


Thanks for the reminder. I need to play around with XMind.

Also: Nice map!

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Thanks for the pointer. The faction game can get quite complex, so this kind of tool is going to be useful anyway, but for anyone looking to expand the setting it could be invaluable. Good find.

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Hm, XMind looks very cool. Is there actually some free version of it or just trial? I can’t find it on their website anywhere

Hmmm… I downloaded it four years ago, didn’t have to pay & my version still works. I hope it’s still free!

I can poke around the website this weekend, but maybe someone who’s grabbed it more recently has a better sense?

Ok, so I’ve downloaded the XMind Zen from XMind website. During installation process, the wizard asks you for your “XMind account” credentials. When I created the account, the installation went through. However, on XMind’s “my account” page I can see that I have access to trial version of the XMind Zen. So it seems XMind is no longer free of charge. I suppose after some time (perhaps 30 days) the trial will expire and I will have to pay up in order to continue to use it. However I found also this free program called FreeMind which is free of charge: http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

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It’s written in java so in order to run it you need a JRE installed. If any of you would like to use it, it so happens that I’m a java developer myself :slight_smile: so feel free to ask.

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