XP at Skydagger Keep?

Hi fellow Legionnaires, or at least those who have already completed a Campaign.

I noticed there is no rules for XPs gained during the Skydagger keep missions. Since each missions is much shorter, and all specialists and Squads are involved, it seems strange that everyboby should get the full normal XP.

Sure, it’s the end of the game, but since the same characters could conceivably be played in future campaigns with the same Legion, it seems interesting to be able to figure their precise end state.

But maybe I’m over picky, since probably most of them die in the Last Wave anyway.

I’m planning on rewarding XP at the end of Sky Dagger in anticipation of the next campaign. At Fort Calisco the Legion did a “practice-run” of Skydagger Keep by doing a similar styled mission where they tried to permanently kill Render while holding off his armies. There was no secondary mission and up to 3 Specialists could be assigned. There were 3 sub-missions. This was my house-rule for XP:

All characters who are played by a PC during Operation Panicked Tiger will receive 2 XP as if they were a Specialist on a Secondary Mission. Each PC may choose one character they played on Operation Panicked Tiger. This character will receive XP normally as if they were on a Primary Mission.

That’s a way to do it!

So, did they succeed in killing Render?

Apparently we are at about the same step. In my game as a player we just did the High Road and Skydagger Keep is next week. A few weeks ago we really thought we wouldn’t get so far.