Your Lady Blackbird Hacks

Hey, all!

I’m working on something inspired by the Philippine Revolution in the 1800s. Just wondering what everyone else’s Lady Blackbird projects are like. I know motivation to work is hard to muster in these trying times, but I’m still curious as to what y’all have made thus far!

Feel free to use this thread as a compilation of all of your hacks thus far! It’ll be great to compile things in one stop for everyone’s reference!

Thanks! :smiley:

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I like this idea so much, I wish i had a hack in the works to share.

I’ve always wanted to put something together that has a 30’s Dieselpunk feel. Like Porco Rosso mixed with Christopher Priest’s Dream Archipelago.

There’s so much you could draw on - military juntas, revolutionaries, drug smugglers, jewel thieves. Grizzled sky-pirates with hearts of gold, teenaged engineers wanting to see the world, dog fights. Gravity wells, legendary mystical islands, sea monsters, time dilation, chasing the horizon forever.

It’s nothing more than a mental mood board at the moment though!

Nothing wrong with having something as a mental mood board! I hope you can share it with us eventually! All that sounds really awesome :sunglasses: