Zemyati Chosen - the other 6/9?

Have there been any canon statements about how many of the Living God’s nine Chosen are still around?

Just preparing to field some background questions from a player with a Zemyati PC, and conscious that I don’t want to get tangled on continuity if/when we play the follow-up campaigns some day.

My thinking is…

All 9 of them were created long ago.

Zora, Vlaisim/Render and Ohsingra are accounted for.

The statement that they don’t burn out “until after they complete their task” suggests that at least one has now done that.

And Vlaisim and Zora were both ‘offstage’ - not public figures - until turning up to join the war?

So… there are, at most, 5 more out there. Probably less allowing for burnout and godswar fatalities.

And it’s reasonable to assume that any remaining might not be visible in the war - at least not yet. So Vlaisim and Zora are probably the only two any Legion soldier’s heard of recently.

…and as long as we don’t suddenly acquire another Zemyati Broken who they should have been aware of from Ettenmark and the war leading up to it, that should hold together until/unless someone really wants to dig into religious history.


Personally, I suspect that the Chosen of the Living God actually don’t/can’t “burn out,” but that several of them have gone into hiding, been imprisoned, or adopted new identities. Normal people mistakenly assumed that they “must have” burned out once they’d been “off the grid” for a few years.

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