Zemyati Surname Grammar and Usage

Can anyone offer any advice on how to properly use Zemtayi patronymics and matronymics? How do you choose which suffix is the correct one, grammatically? And how might you modify the spelling of the name to append the suffix?

The book gives the example of Maleksei => Malekseevich. How was the “-evich” suffix chosen, and how was it determined to drop the “i” at the end of the name to append the suffix?

Also, how do you determine whether you should use a patronymic vs. a matronymic?

All this is inspired by the Russian language, where only patronymics are used (very rare exceptions) so I guess in BoB you can do whatever you want.

As for “grammar”, I would say Malekseevich should in fact be Malekseyevich. Mostly if your father’s name ends by ei, ey, use -evich or -yevich, or -yevna for girls. By another ending use ich or -ovich or -ovna: Adrimirovich, Adrimirovna. Adapt those rules for matronymics.