Zora's story about the 10 pointed Crown of True Fire

The Lorekeeper in my campaign bagdered Zora to tell him what was up with the Crown of True Fire that the Cinder King and Zora had pieces of. She told him to get the Legion to Skydagger and she would spill the beans the eve before the final battle, here is the story I wrote:

Much is lost to history and only resides in the minds of people. As this age is ending I do now longer see the need to keep other people’s secrets of the past. This a story about something that should probably stay forgotten, if you know what is best for you. But you will get to decide.

Don’t judge and don’t interrupt.

My tale starts in the tumultuous times after the Old Empire was shattered. I had a hand in that myself but that is a story for another time. There was a lull in the goings and happenings of the world and I retreated to my home in Zemya. In that time I still had a few living descendants but being a Chosen can make many things awkward. I retreated further into the mountains to get away from the world but quickly grew bored. Applicants had regularly made their way to my mountain fortress and I decided to admit a few to stave of boredom. I only took the greatest warriors among them and started taking them through sword work so they could go and test their glory.

The best among them was a young man called Oddvar. He foolishly attempted to court me. I quickly grew tired of that and in the manner of my people set him a hard, maybe impossible, task to accomplish to prove his intentions. I told him to scale the mountains and find a hidden temple and bring me a fiery crown hidden within. He left and I quickly forgot all about him.

Weeks later he arrived with horrible burns but packed in reindeer skins was a fiery crown for me. What is a girl to do when a suitor actually pulls of the impossible? We fell in love and after a hard Zemyati winter, a child entered the world. He was named Keegan.

For a while, I guess we were happy there. But it could only last for so long as events in the world were quickening in the south. The Godswar happened. I will not go into details about the war but in short I learned that my “husband” were actually The Living God and Keegan had only been a scheme to see what the union of a Chosen and a God would yield. That betrayal drove a wedge between Keegan and me and he chose the wrong side in the war.

In the end The Living God got more than he bargained for and Keegan proved to be the most powerful of all, after he was Chosen by that vile Dar god Okeanos as a desperate attempt at winning the war. Keegan mad with power and dreaming of revenge against all who had wronged him would have burned the world so I had to do the thing that is not done. Strike the God in a Chosen.

When all was said and done Keegan was defeated but the fundamental nature of Okeanos had changed. It was decided by the Gods that he should be imprisoned under Dar alongside with the remains of Keegan. I was not happy about that. The arrogance of thinking they could just bury events they do not like.

He was my boy after all and I had seen the glorious rage burn in him. I knew he would never rest easily. I put my 10 pointed Crown of True Fire over his tomb. Not so that he would rest easily but to let his spirit know that if he ever fought of the shackles the gods put on him, his mother would be back to end him once and for all, Gods be damned.