Adrenaline: Near Future, Forged in the Dark

Hi all- I’m getting closer to releasing Adrenaline, my modern / near future hack. I hope to have the artwork in by the end of the week.

Think Ocean’s 11, Mission Impossible, or Fast & Furious…with cyber augmentation. I have brief descriptions for about 30 real cities (with 4 factions, 4 people, 4 interesting items, and 9 locations) to play in and optional rules to add in the supernatural. I’m not sure if these will be in the core book, or as short expansions.

I also am working on a poker deck to help with prep and game play. Each card will be unique.
Cards 10-K and the Jokers will showcase 18 global factions, while the 36 numbered cards (A-9) will each have inspiration for for an NPC (alternate names, occupation, motivation, strengths & weaknesses, archetype, and appearance).

In addition, the cards will serve as a generation tool with jobs, objects, events, clues, locations, obstacles, chase complications, and a 1 word “oracle.”. I have attached the first two cards – the Jokers. It is completely open to the players as to what they might want them to be. The C / R circle can also be used as part of the recon (Find & Fix) phase of an operation to quickly determine the position for an intelligence gathering task.


That sounds like a great use of cards.

I have a question about using multiple cities. Are you planning on having the group pick a city and stay there, or is travel between cities going to be expected?

Whatever you want! It depends on the type of game you want.

The city guides only provide enough information to get started. A brief description, 4 districts, 4 local factions, 4 interesting objects (to steal?), 4 people, 9 locations.

Here are two more example cards.
Top left: Generic Location
Center (red): Obstacle - for mission generation
Center (black): Chase Obstacle
Center (lower): NPC characteristics (occupation, motivations, strength, weakness, archetype, appearance)
Lower right: Oracle (for a tarot like reading)
Left side: clue / lead
Right side: Job type.

4 5

Hi all-
Here are the playbooks for characters and crews for Adrenaline: Near Future, Forged in the Dark.
(modern crime & action…with cyberware!)


Scoundrels (Ocean’s 11)
Redlines (Fast & Furious)
Wolves (Mission Impossible / Expendables)

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Sample Artwork!

Here is one piece of full page artwork for Adrenaline / Near Future, Forged in the Dark

I have 9 more full page pieces ready to go & I just created the mock-up of the cover. I hope to have that back from the artist in a couple of days.

Getting closer!

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