Bluecoats: The Ghoul Case

Here is the link to the playlist on youtube.

GMing an investigation is a little different than running a scoundrel crew. I did more prep, writing up a little timeline so that the crime would have history and make sense - so when their investigation ran afoul of larger factions their reactions would reflect that.

If you have any questions please let me know.

You can follow the Actual Play twitch-stream if you’d like to follow along when we are playing.


Session 2 is now up. In which the investigation team learn how high this Ghoul thing goes…

At some point I’ll write a bit about designing an investigation/mystery with Blades.

The next session will be on 5/25, 9:30PM EST on the Actual Play twitch channel.

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Any chance now that your Bluecoats campaign is concluded we will see the advice on designing investigation / mystery scores?

I wrote a blog post about making Roric’s War and have a larger blog post coming SOON about the entire campaign.

If you have any questions feel free to AMA.

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