Collaborating on downtime

We ran our first downtime yesterday and it was good fun as we delved into vices, entanglements and payoffs with some nice little scenes that expanded the crew’s world a little.

One thing that came up was that because of the mechanical bonus for having a friend with you on downtime activities, there was a move toward collaboration and using contacts - pretty much what the rule was there for I expect! But it lead to some questions, the main one being:

If PCs are going along for the ride on other people’s vices and helping with their projects, is there any downside in terms of time? I felt that if a player was doing the primary roll for someone else’s long-term project then it was their downtime activity being used up. Still, the mechanism of help drives toward everyone being rather busy in downtime and there being a resistance to doing anything by themselves. But the flipside of using up both down-time activities seems over-kill.

Has anyone else hit this situation, and if so how have they dealt this it? Maybe it’s just my group :slight_smile:

The forum had that debate once, if I remember correctly we concluded that it was technically an Assist from the helping PC, rather than the “bring a friend” downtime rule. So, like during a score, it’s +1d in exchange for 1 stress for the helper.
So, it’s not free, but it’s not a double downtime cost !

But now that I think about it, that implies a full Group downtime action is possible, which could be nice sometimes - especially with the free downtime from acting on your hunting grounds…

Seems like a good compromise. Especially makes sense for long-term projects.