Forumite Introductions!

I didn’t see a place to introduce yourself elsewhere in the forums so I thought I’d start up a thread.

Use this thread to introduce yourself to the rest of us!


Hello everyone! I’m Eli Kurtz (he/him). I’ve been a gamer for most of my life and an independent designer/publisher for the past three years. My first big project was a folklore-meets-wuxia fantasy setting for Savage Worlds called The Blackwood Errantry Codex. I found Blades in the Dark a little more than a year ago, and my first design project in this system is a revised edition of the Blackwood that better captures the shared storytelling vibes of the setting.

I don’t know that I have a single favorite thing about Blades in the Dark but I’m always happy to find good downtime mechanics in a game and I love that Blades has a full phase of play dedicated to downtime.

Looking forward to interacting with you all!


Hey, friends! I’m Justin (He/Him) and I’m a lover of narratives, whether they be in games, in film, on the page, or in life.

I’m a ttrpg designer currently working on multiple projects including two Blades hacks (a character driven science fiction WotC called Moth-Light and an occult adventure game titles At Death’s Door) as well as an original one-shot surrealist storygame inspired by Tarot (Current title: The Long Stair).

I really love talking about design and collaborating with others. I hope this forum can be a place for me to offer support for others and share in my own design process as well as a spot to engage the love of this awesome game we all enjoy.

You can find me on Twitter @MothLands or on itchio at :butterfly:


Hi everyone! The name’s Calle (he/him/his) but in most internet circles I usually go by Umbra or some variation thereof. I’ve been tabletopping for most of my life now, and GMing for… has it been seven years already? Time flies.

I played a lengthy Blades game in the later playtest stage of the game, as a Spider in a Cult, and absolutely fell in love with the game. My current main design project is FUTURE+SHOCK, a far future transhumanist project that lifts the system out of the gritty Duskwall and out into post-scarcity life. Other Blades projects that have been put on ice include Blades in the Wild Blue Yonder, adapting the universe of Lady Blackbird etc. for sky pirate shenanigans.


Hiya, gang! I was a long-time lurker on the G+ group and pipe up occasionally in the subreddit, but I’m hoping to be more participatory here. I’ve been gaming since I was 6 (a long time ago), and I’ve been absolutely loving Blades in the Dark ever since I was introduced to it a year or so back. I co-GM in a monthly Blades group, and I’m participating in playtests for two different hacks of the system, but even still I don’t feel like I get nearly enough time with this game! :grimacing:


Hello, I’m Daniel. I’ve been roleplaying since my older siblings finally let me start playing 2nd ed. D&D with them as a kid, grew up on that, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk 2020 and others, but didn’t know much about the diverse range of games that grew out of the PbtA and broader indie and story gaming scene until a few years ago when a colleague found out I played tabletop and invited me to join his group, which started with a one-shot of John Harper’s Danger Patrol. It’s not a particularly story-gamey group or anything, but it did introduce me to Blades during the Kickstarter and since starting running it for an offshoot from that group, it’s been by far my favourite GMing experience to date. I love the freewheeling player-generated narratives it produces (which are both fun to watch unfold as a GM, and also enable my laziness on the prep front as long as I can keep up the creativity in the moment :grin:), I love its grounded yet fantastical world, and I also love that it’s helped introduce me to a wider world of gaming that strips out some of the mechanical complexity that often hamstrung me as a GM who was just straight bad at maths, and gave me and the players the tools instead to delve deeper into the more meaningful human stories of our characters and worlds.

I’d like to joke that I seem to be in a minority in this thread so far in that I only play games, not design them, but I secretly have two Blades hacks on the back burner at the moment, waiting for when I have time to work them. :sweat_smile:)

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Hello! I’m Stefan (he/him). I started roleplaying in the 80ies with my friends from school. We had a lot of fun and then came jobs, wifes, families. Blades brought me back from my rgp-hibernate because it’s just so damn cool and all those new indie/story games are great, too.
Blades and a game of Shadows of Brimstone pushed me into creating my first hack which is called “A Fistful of Darkness”.
I’m the visual type, so RPGs are mainly an excuse to create some graphics and therefore it’s not a big surprise that I posted maps, npc-cards and roll20 backgrounds in “the old world” (= g+). I think I will not kick that habit here :slight_smile:

I have to say that it’s great (GREAT!) to see so many of you again here in this new forum. I always appreciated the guidance and helpful hands of the kind folks of the Blades community. You are the best! The software is great, too, and so I’m really thankful that @John_Harper chose this way to keep us together.


Hi, I’m Nick.

Been gaming since the 80s, I discovered Blades in the Dark recently and love it.
I’m trying to find games online, I’m interested in the Forged in the Darkness games, and I’m especially looked forward to The Doomed (the supervillain stretch goal) for several reasons, including I have a half-baked supers setting that I think work very well with FitD rules.

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Hey, I’m Bryant (he/him). I have been gaming since I found Tunnels and Trolls back in the 80s. Solo adventures were very important to this process.

I’ve been running a Blades in the Dark campaign for a bit under a year now with a great group in Seattle; it’s awesome and has taught me a lot about sandboxes. I happily play everything from weird artistic indie to mainstream; the things I got out of extensive Living Forgotten Realms 4e play were not the same things I got out of that awesome Oakland Thou Art But A Warrior game, and I won’t say I enjoyed them the same amount, but I liked them both.

Blades is going to live in my favored game box for a long time. Other games in that box: Feng Shui, Over the Edge, Fiasco.


o7 scoundrels. Happy to be on grid!

I’m a statistician and data scientist, and I’ve been writing a d20-based game using Forged in the Dark systems called Caveat Emptor based off a campaign that’s evolved over 2-years of playing with my SWN buddies.

Can’t wait to hang out with you all,
Harrow (He/Him/They - I’m cool with gender neutral)

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Hey all, I’m Jack. Nice to meet you! Fancy place you’ve got here

I’m a lover of books, RPGs, webcomics, movies, theater, musicals, basically all story-driven media. I write on and off, but my main creative outlet at the moment is GMing.

Although I’ve loved playing in other systems, my favourite to GM by far is Blades. My favourite part of the Blades system, so to speak, is the embedded assumption that everyone in a group will participate in creating the world and story. Other games attempt to do this, but Blades is the one where it has consistently played out best for me. Flashbacks are a major part of that - just the fact that time is flexible at the table is so freeing. But the mechanics are still crunchy enough to drive interesting decisions.

Really loving the new forum, by the way!

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Delotox / Thomas (he/him)
I’m French, currently playing in a vanilla BitD game as a fancy mustachioed Iruvian Hound with a forbidden sphinx cub as my hunting pet, in the cult of the Maelstrom’s Children. At some point we’ll probably get the city engulfed in a huge typhoon so, yeah, look out for that I guess.

I will sooner or later begin MCing for a Scum & Villainy game because I love what I read about it, I’ve ran a test score several times at a con and loved it !

Outside of the BitD realm I’m mostly into weird urban fantasy games, with Unknown Armies at the top of the list. My game mates being mostly unherdable cats with conflicting calendars, I don’t play as much as I want to. In my 9 years as a TTRPG enthusiast, I’ve played Vampire, D&D5ed, a lot of Trail of Cthulhu, and a bunch of one-shots of almost every kind. I’ve also DMed some Scion hacks, some Unknown Armies, some Vampire, some Pathfinder…

I’m also an avid system hacker, and like a lot of us I’ve began a lot of projects and finished very little.
In the FitD backburner :

  • Warframe hack
  • Urban Fantasy (Retro Noir with Aberrant folks from Outside in it)
  • Urban Fantasy (Contemporary faepunk game : in a grinding soul sucking city run by Fae Courts, you play as not-muches who try to get some excitement back in life without turning into nothing-at-alls)
  • Unknown Armies hack
  • Some generic City Of Myst X BitD system that’d work for most settings with a team of competent PCs going after threats above their weight. (I tested this one in a post-apo one-shot. It doesn’t have much legs beyond a one shot though)

Other than that :

  • SERVANTS. a MASKS! hack of urban mythology
  • Some yet-to-be-named heist game with a blackjack engine (think PayDay2 more than BitD)
  • R∅ / NI / N, a Giger-esque biopunk/cyberpunk thingy. So far looks more like bits and pieces of setting than a game.

Anyway I’m glad to be part of this sincere and creative community !


Better late than never. Hi, Ben Morgan here. I have the dubious distinction of running a Blades campaign that lasted for a whopping 88 sessions (I’m currently working on mining the G+ archive for my Actual Play logs and putting them up on my site I’ve also done some fancy form-fillable character sheets for various RPGs (Blades included). In my spare time I’ve done some freelance graphic design for several games.

I’ve told many people that I’ve never come across a game system that was so effortless for me to run as Blades in the Dark. I love that there are specific systems that actively support keeping the game world alive and full of moving parts. Clocks are probably my favorite mechanic of all time, and I’ve already borrowed them for use in other games.

– Ben

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Hi all-
I started gaming I’m the 80’s, but took a decade long break. I started up again a few years ago. I have been playing and gming Blades for about a year.

I enjoy writing as a hobby and escape from my job as an academic. I started on DMs Guild with a dozen or so products. However, I fell in love with flexibility of Forged in the Dark and have switched my focus!

My projects:
Skies of Fire: an RPG based on the comic. It is a dieselpunk setting with airships! My role is the game design part. The comic creators are doing awesome things with the art and world creation. We are revising the ship rules. I hope a playtest kit is available in early summer.

Disposable Heroes:. A modern/near future hack. It is bloated, so I am in the process of streamlining for a next release very soon. It has a fair amount of playtesting.

An unnamed high fantasy hack is on the back burner. The playbooks and crew sheets have some playtesting. The downtime/camp rules still need to be cleaned up

Dog Days RPG is a crime noir fairytale with dogs instead of people hack. It is based on the Dog Days graphic novel. Very early in the process- still conceptualizing.

I’m open to collaboration on any of the ones that are “all” mine.

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Heyo! I’m Felix (they/them only), been GMing a weekly 4+ hour game since last August and projected to go for about a year total. Didn’t get to start playing ttrpgs until a couple years ago, but I hit them pretty hard and heavy once I did! I have a regular group that started playing D&D 5e, branched out with fewer players to start a 2-crew campaign for Blades, and we’ll be playing a custom FITD hack by one player when Blades 1.0 is done, and then a Monster of the Week campaign by the other, and THEN back to Blades with me as GM for a season 2 with the current main crew’s kids, set in a heavily modified Iruvia modeled on the prohibition era. Blades really kicked my art & writing creativity back into gear after a few years of not producing much, so it’s become sort of a big part of my life! Love it and the system very very much.

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Hi to everyone, I’m Federico from Italy, nice to meet you all! I discovered RPGs about 25 years ago in high school, and I’m playing/GMing them since then. I discovered PbtA about two years ago with the Legacy 2nd Ed Kickstarter, and these games left in the dust all the other games’systems I knew (D&D, Pathfinder, WHFRP, World of Darkness, Call of Cthulhu, Cyberpunk 2020 and so on). I’m blessed (really, truly blessed) with friends, acquaintances and a girlfriend which love RPGs too, so I’ve always been able to get a group around the table (these days I’ve two playing groups in different days of the week, and still not getting bored at all!). When I discovered BitD it made me think “Wow, this is what I was looking for!” and I only recently got the book (it’s not easy to get here in Italy), and I hope to get soon Scum & Villainy too.
I’m GMing BitD with a Cult with the Friday’s group, and it has been a blast (as I was expecting), and I’m sure it will keep getting better. I hope that when the Saturday’s Pathfinder Campaign will end (it should be soon, the GM grow tired again with the number-crunching game system so he will cut it short) I’ll be able to convince them to start a BitD/S&V campaign. Fingers crossed!

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Hey everyone. I’m just some rat that figured out how computers work.


Hi! I only stop by every now and then to see if anyone’s talking about the BaD or WoN hacks by Dylan and Adam, respectively.

I’m a gamer dad from Australia who runs a small convention and the design/development of John’s games and their descendants continue to fascinate me. Any game I have made has roots in this stuff.

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Hello, I go by Tubal on most places, took the name from 40k fanfiction and realized a decade later it’s biblical. Well what are you gonna do ¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

He/him, Swedish, half-vegetarian bear.

I’ve been interested in RPG’s since we goofed around with shitty ones in the 90’s, but I’ve only played for… 4 years maybe, in a Numenera campaign.
I got the itch to GM myself but don’t actually like oldschool rules (like Numenera) without any direction, so when RollPlay had their Blades campaign I realized it was the greatest thing ever.

I’ve run two seasons of Blades for the same crew over about 10 months, and I’m a few episodes into a Glow in the Dark season with some of the same players with one player changed out.

Like @monkeyEcho (show me your stuuuuffffff) I do a lot of visual shit for our Roll20 gameboard, and I’m chronicling the game in a thread:

Some people might remember me from the Blades Discord where I have an NPC card tutorial and some assets pinned, go check it out :smile:

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I’m Adam or Admiral Duck Sauce, my first rpg was Gamma World 3e, my second was Marvel FASERIP, and apparently I went a long time thinking rpgs were only resolved with rainbow-colored percentile charts. I ran over a year of Blades games before I ever ran a D&D game. I wrote Glow in the Dark before I’d ever played Apocalypse World. I tried to play the Leading Edge Aliens game way back in the day, and still have some of the critical fumbles from ICE’s Space Master game memorized. “Instead of firing at your original target, you fire at the phantasmal Vogon Bulldozer 30 degrees to the right. (You miss).”

Wow this has become quite a list of regrets! Anyways, glad to be here. Blades in the Dark is one of those game-changing games that changed how I game forever.

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