Hello, World :: giant Sep 2020 version update! Tons of new art!

Hello everyone! A long time ago (over a year ago by now) I posted a very early version of Hello, World. Now the game has gotten a massive update taking it to over 180 pages!

Hello, World’s feature set now includes:

  • color and B&W art by myself and the talented @better_legends
  • Detailed district writeups for 12 different locales in the strange paradise of World
  • full rules explanation (SRD-independent at last!)
  • 7 full Playbook writeups
  • 20 factions, with more to come soon
  • GM advice chapter and a GM handout page
  • Introductory chapters and rules examples!

Check it out here:
HW photo

Some internal page captures:

Also check out Hello, World’s spotify playlist!

Old HW thread here, if you want to see some of the history of this:

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