Key Clocks and Faction Cards

Please note that I have limited knowledge for graphical things and while I did make these, the original facets were created by others whom I have tried to post their original work links. Also, I was immensely excited to create and use these :slight_smile:

@monkeyEcho Made some absolutely beautiful Faction tokens of which I wanted to make some specific clocks for. Along with a very old post in the G+ BitD archives of some clocks which are fashioned to look like skeleton keys (I’m not sure who made that original post, but credit to that lovely person!) and some NPC card templates also by monkeyEcho which were shared with me by @Tubal in Discord, I set to work.

I went ahead and made a few blank cards with just keys on them, a few with keys and blank tokens, etc to provide more flexibility for your gaming needs. The ones shown below I simply put in some mtg sleeves and used dry erase markers (could not find my fine pointed ones my apologies for the large handwriting) so I could use them over and over again. Used them over the weekend and they are wonderful to use as a GM and handing them out to players for personal clocks.

Would love to see how they are used in your games IRL and online! Uploaded them to my Roll20 as well :sunglasses:!Aore9K0r1f653Sd9jH1BeQPF_AZr

I printed them lighter in color to save on ink, next time I will print normally so note that they are much more vibrant in color

Original Owners and links:


Those key-clocks are stunning.

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I think they are very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for praising my dilettante work. Good to see those tokens and cards put to good use :slight_smile: This is awesome and makes my day.

To keys are from @Vandel_J_Arden and yes, they look very cool. If I recall right Vandel designed them with the intention that every slot is a full clock in itself but they work as one clock per key nevertheless.

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Yes and I ADORE that function! Thank you for finding the creator for me and I’m looking forward to tinkering some more with the cards so I can utilize that function. My fine point dry erase markers make that so much easier. :heart:

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Plus it is just cool to have every possibility on one clock/card! Controlled position means they may only have one or two of the possible clocks whereas desperate utilizes more. I’ll try to make a few of those larger clocks today and add them to the link.

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Cool cards :+1:
I don’t play in person so I don’t get to print stuff out ever :sob:

Since you’re putting them in Magic sleeves, you could resize the cards to those proportions to keep them from sliding around inside. :thinking:
If you then also give them a black border you don’t even have to round the corners or anything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Had my bf resize them and they fit beautifully! Black borders…may see what they look like but I do like the rounded edges so far.

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