Re-Posting Faction Tokens

(Stefan Struck) #1

Again, another arty re-post (original post in the archive here):
Faction tokens for your games.

[note that the forum software converts the original file to jpeg. PNG with transparent background via to original post (see above) or this gdrive link:]

Key Clocks and Faction Cards
(Stefan Struck) #2

The runes are glyphis1 and glyphis2

The faction names are IM Fell English

Use them with some dust texture on top for the gritty look.

(Eli Kurtz (He/Him)) #3

Just wanna say I love these tokens and I appreciate that you’ve included blank tokens (not to mention font notes in these posts). I used them in my most recent campaign, mostly for a behind-the-scenes relationship map. They were perfectly on theme and easy to customize!


Hmm, I get redirected to class dot com when I click on the glyphis link, and I’m given a 404 error. Idk what that’s about.
Unrelatedly the book actually lists the fonts used for the book: Minion Pro, Kirsty, Ugly Qua, and you can find those with a bit of googling.

Cool tokens though! I never got around to doing faction tokens, just NPCs, but maybe I should? :thinking:

(Stefan Struck) #5

Oh, cool! I’m happy that you like them. Put to great use.
Yes, I love those boards, too. Looks like your crew was pretty busy working against the competition :smile:

(Stefan Struck) #6

Well, the link is pretty old, so it seems I have to update or look for another source of those glyph fonts.

Regarding fonts: If you’re using Adobe PDF Reader (in the old days that would be Acrobat, not sure nowadays) the fonts are listed in the documents properties. But, hey, the questions are stills there, so I’m trying to silence the inner teacher and just anser the questions :wink:

(Eli Kurtz (He/Him)) #7

10 deaths over the course of 16 sessions! The most ridiculous one was when they took out a corrupt warehouse boss and a dastardly noble at the same time by luring them (and their goons) to the crew’s own lair… and then blowing the whole thing up! :sweat_smile:

(Stefan Struck) #8

aah, yes, the traditional blowing up / burning down of houses as the end of the score. Always great to bring the crew together, shouting “it was supposed to be a stealth plan!” :grin:

(John) #9

Or “Didn’t this start as a Social score?” Shouted across the gunfire. :slight_smile:


I love this board. What are you using to make it?

(Eli Kurtz (He/Him)) #11

MonkeyEcho and Wildpark, if I could only count the times that’s happened! Hahaha

Thanks NinjaPete! My gameboard is almost entirely stock art lightly edited in GIMP and then thrown together in Roll20. The portraits are mostly concept art from the Dishonored games.

(Peter Cobcroft) #12

I tend to use kumu for factions and NPCs. Although currently for S&V -