Metro 2033 Hack/Reskin of Glow in the Dark

I’ve been reading through the Metro 2033 series of novels after having played the games, and was inspired to throw together a quick and dirty hack, or maybe just reskin, of the Glow in the Dark playbooks.

It has a few tweaks here and there, lots of Metro flavor, and a slightly different way to handle ammunition. I’m still considering if I want to adapt the Mutant playbook or branch out a little more to find an Attune based character type that fits better with the setting.

Anyway, here are the playbooks


I like viewing the Relics gang through a Stalker type of lens, that’s neat. My advice for Attune is this: it’s one skill out of 12. Don’t twist the rest of your game around just to make that one thing relevant. Strip it out, move stuff around, get something that makes more sense for your vision of Metro.

Glad you found it interesting.

I see your point about Attune. There are definitely supernatural elements in the setting and characters who interact with them. But maybe it would be better renamed and used as a supernatural danger sense/ability to see or hear things that other people can’t, without a whole playbook tied to it.

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