Update on The Doomed?

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I’m not sure this is the right forum, or whether this is even a legit question to ask. If I’m wrong on either front, I apologize.

Is there any news about The Doomed? I’m extremely interested in this.

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(Hope that’s not rude)


Could you give us a quick reminder on what that is ? My mind only blanks on the MASKS! playbook. Was there a hack in progress ?


I believe they are referring to the super villain hack/Kickstarter goal:

"UNLOCKED ($90,000) The Doomed: “Look, we don’t have to worry about The Dark Avenger; he’s in the morgue. The Hero Squadron just got their minds swapped by The Mystic Eye or whatever, who knows. What I’m saying is: nobody’s around to stop one little bank robbing spree. We just keep it low key and it’s us and our powers versus a bunch of beat cops. What could go wrong? " The Doomed takes Blades in the Dark to the worlds of superheroes. You’ll be playing the small-time villains trying to make it big in a world where an alien invasion is just another Tuesday. New characters and crew types give you everything you need to play in the style of The Superior Foes of Spider-Man and the Giffen/DeMatteis Injustice League. By Sage Latorra (co-author of Dungeon World).”

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Sorry, but yes - what n0ble said.
I’m very curious to see how someone uses the core rules from BitD to deal with not only super powers, but other stylistic features of supers settings.


Same here, especially how things like scale will work with stuff like super strength and durability, as well as what sort of special abilities might emerge (one I’ve had in my head for a while is a Hulk-like one where you take 2 heat instead of pushing, representing collateral damage, using cars and major pieces of the environment as weapons etc.). In anticipation of it I’ve been working out a custom setting I’d be more than happy to share if people want

I’m also really interested in what sort of playbooks will come out of it!

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My issue is I have a setting (about 21K words lol) in search of a rulest.

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Sage is still working on it. We got some updates earlier this year – hoping to have a draft to share this summer.