Visualising result distribution

I’ve always found that anything can be improved by making a spreadsheet about it, and then using that spreadsheet to make a graph. I liked Blades’ dice system so much that I wanted to picture how likely each type of result is according to how many dice you’re rolling. So I whomped this up. I thought the community might find it interesting. It really points up how 4/5 “it works, but there’s a consignment of geese” is the roll you’re going to see most often, even in the later game.


A man after my own heart! Can you share the original google sheet? I tried to do this but couldn’t remember how to do the statistics.

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I did something similar in this post using R and line plots. I also do the same thing for the probability of getting a result or better, which isn’t as easy to impute visually from the line plots as from your faceted bar charts. I also did the analysis for resistance rolls.

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Here you go!

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Awesome! Thanks!